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Reconnecting Pelvic Floor & Core

Many women find the transition from pregnancy into the postnatal period easily, with no physical problems, whilst others need a little more care and attention.


My Tuesday morning Mum & Baby yoga class is aimed at supporting women in reconnecting with their pelvic floor and core following the birth of baby.


Subjects such as stress incontinence and diastasis recti are often spoken of in hushed tones, and if we’re really honest, they needn’t be. You have just completed the most amazing feat – you have grown and birthed a baby, so it’s a little more than understandable that your body will be having a few issues along the way.


The classes offer safe, gentle yet effective movements to improve function. This isn’t the ‘bums & tums’ classes that are often advertised. All of which are fantastic, once mum has her function restored.


If still breastfeeding, hormones will mean that ligaments and tissues will still be quite soft. So movements need to be modified and executed with great posture.


Healing a diastasis means no crunches (sit ups) for quite some time until the separation is safe and function has been restored.


Classes are small ensuring the ability to offer necessary observation, as well as a helping hand here and there with your little one :)


Full details can be found on the website:


Here’s me in action this morning, in case you wanted to have a quick peek…




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Women’s Stories: What our words say about us

Within each woman, there’s a story to be told. I was first captured by this after watching the film, ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. In fact, I’ve watched it several times and it never loses its appeal.


*  Spoiler Alert * the film is built around the experiences of a mother who’s every moment is invested in her family. Yet one summer, while her husband and children are away, she encounters a photographer and this is the basis of the film. Many years later, after she has passed, her children go through a trunk of hers and find, amongst many things, her journals. She wrote it all down and whilst a shock to her children to read of this side of their mother they never knew existed, her story was important.


As women, our story is important. Even if we never share it publicly, there are aspects to each and every one of us that are really intrinsic to who we are.


This New Year retreat day for women will focus on just that … writing (mindfully) from prompts, on topics that are meaningful to us.


Combined with gentle, restorative yoga and meditation, the day is designed to offer nurturing and release – an easing into the year ahead.


We shall be taking advantage of the beautiful Ballroom at Stamford Arts Centre in Lincolnshire for this event on Saturday 14 January 2017 – why not come for the weekend? The town is exquisite and whatever the time of year, it offers so much to all who visit.


Booking and full details can be found online at:



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Who Am I?

The ‘Meditation & More’ group returned to the cushion today following the summer break.


It would be fair to say that the discussion around our current group book – The Untethered Soul (Michael A Singer) – is proving to be very animated at times.


Pondering the theme of Chapter 3 – Who Am I?


This raises so many questions but answers are so difficult to come by. Try it for yourself – simply keep asking yourself the question – you are far more than your name and all the other labels we tend to use in life (being someone’s mother, sister, daughter etc).


If you want something a little more than silent sitting (though we do that too!), then perhaps this monthly group is for you.


We endeavour to experience 2 – 3 sitting practices within the session, as well as discussion following the suggested reading for the month. Come and find out more – we’re next meeting on Saturday 08 October and full details can be found here:



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Yoga & Sleep

I often wish I could attend my own yoga classes. Why? Because my students often report that they sleep so well after attending.


Many of us have no trouble sleeping – you know, head hits the pillow and that’s it until the alarm goes off the following morning.


For a few of us, sleep can become something of a nemesis. We want / need it desperately, but it escapes us like water trickling through our fingertips.


There are many reasons for sleep being something of an issue: anxiety, issues at work, new baby, illness, menopause…


Here’s a link to a rather wonderful offering of yoga poses that can help aid sleep. The main feature we are seeking are postures that ‘close’ the body. Forward folds etc as opposed to back bends (more ideally suited to earlier in the day). Our forward folding postures fall into the ‘moon’ phase of yoga (Ha = sun; tha = moon). I often refer to these as ‘soothers for our soft centre’ – they encourage the slowing down of the activity within the nervous system.


Want a little more assistance? Then I can highly recommend yoga nidra … here’s a link to some free resources from the wonderful Yoga Nidra Network – direct your attention to the two offerings from Nirlipta Tuli – I can affirm these being absolute winners for me!


Sweet dreams!



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