A Mindful Top-up

The most recent course of A Mindful Woman finished with joy and with sadness.


Joy that the women who attended received so much benefit from the sessions.


Sadness in that the sessions themselves had come to an end.


Just one of many testimonials can be seen within the image (above) and as a result of the wonderful feedback, I have decided to create something new.


A Mindful Top-up

This is for women who have completed a mindfulness course either with myself or another provider. It can often be difficult to maintain the momentum once a course has completed and the aim is to support you in order that the benefits can keep on being realised.


Our first top-up session is scheduled for Monday 04 December, just in time to boost and flex our mindful muscles before the demands of the Christmas season take over.


For further details, please visit A Mindful Top-up for more information & booking.

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Something to think about

A taboo topic has always been periods. Another topic that isn’t as well known, is that many cannot afford to purchase sanitary protection.


Think about that for a moment.


Thanks to the initiative of Bloody Good Period we can all help by making donations of sanitary items.


w/c 30 October, I am collecting on behalf of a friend who will be taking sanitary donations along to the charity.


Should you wish to help, please bring items along to any of my classes this week.


Alternatively, you may wish to make your own future arrangements.


Please consider the needs of those who bleed.


Thank you.

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Meditation: A New Focus

Last Saturday saw the last mind-training slogan (Lojong) in our monthly meditation sessions. We have been using these pithy little reminders for two years, which are teachings condensed into a one-line reminder. Having covered 24 of the 59 little gems (in no particular order), the time has come to create space for new ways of reflecting. Join us to find out more!

There is nothing stagnant about a meditation practice: as explained to the wonderful group of women on Saturday, it is ever evolving and can arise in any given moment wherever we find ourselves.

Whilst it is important to have concentrated ‘sitting’ time, it is as important to recognise for women, we have to take our moments as and when we can too.

Last week I visited Kew Gardens and this was my practice: walking (mindfully taking in sights, sounds and sensations); sitting (there are many convenient benches at Kew!) and picking up little treasures that the trees and plants had discarded, as well as a few feathers courtesy of the Canadian Geese.

Everywhere is in effect our meditation cushion: we can bring the same focus when walking to when we are sitting. Sometimes it may even be more productive to do this.

Our next Meditation for Women is on Saturday 04 November from 10.00 until 12.00 in Central Watford.

My next offering of A Mindful Woman starts Monday 22 January 2018 – book before 01 November and receive a saving.

Full details can be found here: Meditation Solutions for Women

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Yoga Tree Sisers

Retreat to Yourself in Italy

One of the wonderful gifts following a retreat, is to receive the feedback from those who attended.


Following last month’s retreat in Italy, words have been filtering through from the guests I had the pleasure of spending a whole week with, in which I shared the delights of yoga, meditation and creative pursuits – all with one aim in mind: to nourish the women on every level.


The image below contains recent feedback which has moved me very deeply.


Yildiz Feedback


It is one thing as a teacher of so many years to believe and trust in the practices and direction you wish to guide individuals, but quite another to have it reflected back to you in such a deep and meaningful way.


This alone sums up the reason why I teach women and focus on women’s needs through everything that I offer.


To find our way home – a returning to that essential element: love.


Should you wish to join me and those who have already re-booked to attend next year’s retreat the details follow.


Yoga Retreat to Italy, staying with our delightful hosts at The Watermill, in Posara, Tuscany


7 nights ALL INCLUSIVE retreat (airport transfers, meals, drinks, day trips and of course yoga, meditation & more!)

You can secure your place with a deposit and not have to pay the rest until next year.

Please visit The Watermill for further details.

An early bird is available until 31 December 2017.

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