Coping with backache in pregnancy

Experiencing aches and pains is a normal aspect of pregnancy as our bodies are being pulled and stretched in ways that they’ve not had to previously.  Added to this there’s also the increase in weight on the front of the body - its no wonder that backache is so common.


For many of you, when we have a break from our yoga class it can be felt physically, as it can be surprising just how much our yoga practice can support us in this regard.Classes offer opportunities to move and work with our discomforts, finding what works and brings us ease. Just like we will need to do when in labour – responding to the cues our body gives us and meeting it with movement and breath.


Some help and support can also be found via the following local therapists, who I can highly recommend in the Watford area:

Dr Julia Flash – Telephone: 01923 770061

Tracy Morgan – Telephone: 01923 250605

Gareth Morris – Telephone: 01923 802028

Classes continue from next week and if you haven’t done so already, you can book via the website here. There’s still the money-saving course booking, or drop-in is also available.

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