D̦n Season РWatch out for the bumps in the road!

Have you found you’ve been perhaps a little ‘mindless’ rather than ‘mindful’ the last few days?

Perhaps there just seems to be one thing after another?

Or maybe you feel you haven’t made a good decision over something?

Well it could just be ‘one of those days’ or it could be attributed to Dön Season.

This is the phase prior to the Tibetan New Year where, well, let’s just say, things can go a bit wonky round the edges.

Last year I introduced a simple mudra at the beginning of class, and I shall be doing the same this evening.

This year’s Dön Season runs from 29 January through to 07 February – with a neutral day on 08 February (phew!)
We herald in Losar – the Tibetan New Year on 09 February.

Typically at this time, extra prayers are also offered – these are commonly referred to as Mahakala prayers. Mahakala (the image above gives you an idea of this handsome chap) is a protector deity and similar to Ganesh, is summoned to remove obstacles, particularly if we want a fresh start.

The prayers for Mahakala are very long (very, very long!), so I’m offering a short video below of Ekajati Mantra, utilising the feminine principle, as she is a Dark Goddess and her mantra is also for the removal of obstacles.

Here’s wishing you a great day and hoping there’s not too many bumps in your road!

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