Inspirational Readings

Setting the tone of a yoga class is one of the most important aspects of teaching. You have students arriving, bringing with them so many fragments of their day from home, work or even a delayed journey getting to class.


Bringing all these fragmented energies together takes skill – just as an artist would rarely paint directly on to a canvas without consideration or even preparing the canvas, we too need to prepare.


I usually like to start with a reading – there are so many resources out there and poetry books that we really are spoilt for choice. Personally, I prefer pieces that relate to the collective of the group I’m teaching, Something that they all can relate to and in turn, feel inspired by.


Here’s the reading I gave in last night’s class.

Taken from p128 ‘Journey of the Heart – An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry by Women’


The Gardener

It’s not about you
It’s not about me
It’s about something far greater
making the world a better place
What does that mean?
Who do you follow?
Do you follow your heart
distilling and discerning from teachers who went before
who now guide you?
The wisdom is in your hearts
look within and tend to the garden of your souls
using the richest soil of tenderness, kindness and compassion.
The storms of life are your best teachers
fertilizer to help you grow
water the garden with the tears of transformation
grounded in the present moment
firmly rooted in your Truth.
Pull out the weeds of jealousy, competition, discontent and self loathing
that choke the roots of the beautiful flowers
reach toward the light
bend with the breeze being One with all that is

Mary McManus


Esprit Yoga

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