Mindful Walking

Something we all do every day but bring very little awareness to is our movement – the way we are moving at any given moment.


We are all aware when something is wrong as movement will often feel strained, painful or difficult.


But what if we can be aware of our movement, moment-by-moment? How would that be? How would that change our relationship to our bodies?


As a yoga teacher of more than 25 years I have been quite invested in how people move and in particular, how they ‘use’ their bodies. Many problems arise at two crucial points within a yoga practice – the moving into a posture and the moving out of a posture.


The key ingredient that’s often missing is awareness. With this, we can be mindful of how our body is responding in any given moment. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to pause before we hit that point of no return – often a point where injury may occur.


Our easiest place to start is with walking. Be aware of each footstep that you take. You can do this anywhere: walking from the train station; across the office to the photocopier or even around the supermarket.


  • Sense each time your foot comes into contact with the earth beneath you.
  • Where do you feel that first point of contact?
  • How does your foot feel inside your socks, shoes or boots?
  • Can you feel your toes move individually or maybe one or two? If so, which ones?
  • Sense if the whole foot is involved in walking or perhaps you are taking more weight to the ball or even to the heel.
  • Are you able to keep this focus if you walk a little faster?
  • Notice each breath as you place your foot.

It doesn’t have to be something you do from start to finish of your journey (though that can be interesting), but even if we walk a little more mindfully on each journey we make it can open us up to so many other experiences.


Try it for yourself!


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