Mindful Writing

My forthcoming workshop in January in Stamford (being held in the historic Arts Centre) encourages the use of expressive writing. Combining several contemplative modalities – yoga, meditation and mindful writing, it will be a day of ease and deep inner reflection.

Benefits of writing: Author and social psychologist, James Pennebaker, found in his research that people improve their physical and mental health by writing about their deepest secrets.

Expressive writing (journaling or writing about how you feel) is linked to improved mood and well-being and is also known to reduce stress for those who do it regularly.

Research by Laura King found that people who were in a stressful job saw their hourly efforts at work increase by 29% over two weeks after writing in their journal daily on how their work made a difference.

Another study found that engineers who had been made redundant, found another job quicker once they engaged in expressive writing compared to those who didn’t.

Interesting isn’t it?

So our day will be a mixture of writing prompts and jumping off points to get your writing juices flowing. Themes which as women, we can very much relate to.

No prior writing skills are necessary, though you may find that it helps you flourish a little more if you are a budding writer.



This day retreat / workshop for women runs on Saturday 14 January 2017.
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