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New Year; New Intention

With the approach of another new year, generally people’s thoughts turn to setting resolutions and intentions.


Some of the most popular themes are…

  • Spending more time with family
  • Getting fit / losing weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Get a new job
  • Learn a new skill
  • Reduce stress

All of which are worthwhile as they can help to uplift your life and the lives of others too.


In America, 45% of people are likely to make resolutions, yet 73% give up before reaching their anticipated goal.


At the first meditation session of this year (2015), I encouraged my students to let go of the idea of a resolution and instead to look at their intentions.


So take losing weight as an example – it can be really useful to ask ourselves what’s the reason behind this? It could be wanting to become healthier; to have more energy in order to engage in activities with friends, family; being able to take that adventure holiday you’ve always wanted to. These are just a few examples, but rather than saying “I want to lose weight”, we are qualifying what losing weight will give us and others around us too.


Many people decide they want to give meditation a go as they either know someone who does it and appears to be having good results or the glossy magazine we’ve just picked up has mentioned it in an article.


A brilliant endeavour, but it’s really a good idea before embarking on this or any new practice to look at your motivation from the outset. What are you hoping it will provide you with?


One of the first practices I always suggest to new students is 3 minutes, twice a day. In the morning – sit and contemplate your intention for that day. Just sit for 3 minutes, no more, no less.

At the end of the day – sit and contemplate how well you maintained that intention (without judgement). Just sit for 3 minutes, no more, no less.


Try this for a week (any less and you won’t see any results) and notice what happens for you.


Meditation classes re-start again in January in Watford, Hertfordshire. If meditation is on your list of things to try, consider joining our friendly, supportive group. We meet once a month on a Saturday morning, so you don’t have to rush home from work of an evening, but instead come along feeling a little more refreshed after a busy week. Full details can be found here: Meditation & More


Below is a short video from one of my students sharing what she has found beneficial from attending sessions for the whole of 2015:


Meditation appreciation from Claire Murphy on Vimeo.

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