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Pelvic Floor Focus #2

Further to my first post regarding this topic [see Pelvic Floor Focus #1], in which the main focus to begin with was on ‘releasing’.


We can now turn our attention to strengthening and toning this area. Again, this is always done with the breath, and, more importantly, there isn’t a kegel in sight!


The following is a favourite of mine that I teach in both my Women’s Wisdom and Pregnancy yoga classes in Watford.


Step 1

Start by sitting back on your heels and place a yoga block mid-way between your knees and your groin. You need to ensure it’s a snug fit.


Step 2

Inhaling – lift up onto the knees taking your arms overhead whilst squeezing your inner thigh muscles into the block.


Step 3

Exhaling – release the squeeze as you gently and slowly fold forwards, rounding the spine as you take your arms back behind you.


Repeat Steps 2 and 3 several times with the breath.


Pelvic Floor Focus #2

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