Being Stillness 2016

The Perfect Blend

Being Stillness is the ultimate blend that I created, combining deep, restorative yoga combined with meditation throughout the session.

“The calm slow pace. The delicious stretches. The meditation.”

This session is the ultimate opportunity to simply let go and be from everything and to immerse yourself into the embrace of the postures, stillness and silence.

“Absolutely love these workshops, medicine for mind, body and spirit, and you are a generous, holding and knowledgeable host. Thank you.”

Your experience is aided by the use of yoga props…quite a few in fact, which really allows you to release, relax and restore.

“After the workshop, I felt that I had a lot of space around me, and also felt calm and relaxed – that does not happen often. Thank you Claire.”

With minimum dialogue from me, the experience is one of sheer presence, both within the body and the mind.

Spaces are limited for this workshop to allow for maximum support from me throughout in assisting you find the ‘sweet spot’ within the postures.

Being Stillness is scheduled for Saturday 21 May from 10.00 until 12.30 and you can book your place here

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