Pistoia - Uva San Giovese

Tuscan Sunshine

[Image © Fototeca ENIT / Gino Cianci]


September sunshine in Italy…

Gentle morning meditation to ease you into the day…

Restorative, nurturing and nourishing yoga practices to bring a deep sense of ease and relaxation…

But that’s not all – the retreat that I’ve been invited to teach – Unplug & Unwind – at the beautifully restored Watermill in Posara, offers so much more.

As well as the fully inclusive offering, (yoga, meditation, food and drink), wine tasting is also included.

The programme has been created to satisfy the needs of all who attend – those taking the yoga and meditation, and non-participating partners too! Something for everyone!

To find out more on the itinerary and the venue itself, please take a moment to visit: Unplug & Unwind

Esprit Yoga

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