A mindful woman

A Mindful Woman: finding the balance

As a woman are you…

Managing pain, juggling more thoughts than humanly possible, or simply looking to find clarity in your life?

Perhaps this describes you or someone you know?

The response to the upcoming 5-week course – A Mindful Woman – has been very positive, and there are still a few places remaining for when we begin the 5-week course on Monday 08 May.

Many are often unsure what the benefits of a mindfulness practice and approach to life can bring. I can only speak from my own experience, as well knowledge of having worked with others.

Clarity is one of the main benefits (for me). I am able to look at events and thoughts from a different perspective. Awareness of how I may have been applying a negative or conditioned approach, allows me to have choices.

Reduced Pain – many of you know the issues that I face daily. I apply mindfulness and my meditation practice as a daily care programme, and am still, three and half years later following my accident, not having to fill my strong pain medication prescriptions. Pain is very personal and subjective, and there is of course, our own thresholds for discomfort. I am simply offering a perspective of how it has supported me.

Ability to recognise when a story is being told – this is when we have a thought, opinion or judgement about something (often directed negatively towards ourselves). Mindfulness encourages us to look at the nature of the event and rather than ask why, we ask how is it making me feel?

Improved brain stuff – a regular mindfulness practice and approach to life activates the prefrontal cortex in the brain. How does this help? The parasympathetic nervous system is activated (this is our soothing system), which leads to increased hormone releases of dopamine and oxytocin (which helps the body to relax and slow down).

What do you get from attending?

  • 5 x in-person sessions
  • Comprehensive manual (value £25.00)
  • mp3 tracks for home practice where necessary
  • Ongoing support between sessions
  • An opportunity to view life differently, just for 5 weeks, to see how it can help you

Interested? More details and booking can be found here: A Mindful Woman

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