Wintertime Nourishing & Nurturing

Winter is the time where, in nature in particular, there’s the great rest. Life turns inward in order to rest and replenish energies.


We can take our cue from what’s happening outside and use this as a way to rebalance ourselves.


The diminished levels of daylight often leave us feeling uninspired to get outside and to be moving around and this can lead to a reduction in our energy levels and emotional mood too.


Most people use the post-Christmas phase to detox and reduce their food intake in order to lose weight. However, we are designed to hold onto our weight at this period of time!


Taking our guidance from the science of Ayurveda you may like to try…


Dry brushing the skin: helps move blood and lymph around the body and is very invigorating. Several times a week is ideal, if not every morning before you shower. Start at the feet and brush upwards towards the heart.


Self-massage with Ashwagandha oil: a warming oil that nourishes the muscles, bones and tissues. Particularly beneficial if gently massaged into the nose and ears of an evening!


Yoga: balancing the inner fire (agni) within the body at this time through chest / heart opening practices to keep the lungs stimulated; resting the nervous system through forward-bends and bhastrika pranayama is the ultimate breathing practice to ensure the lungs are strengthened during the cold winter period.


Heart & Chest Opening Sequence with Breath:





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