Women’s Stories: What our words say about us

Within each woman, there’s a story to be told. I was first captured by this after watching the film, ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. In fact, I’ve watched it several times and it never loses its appeal.


*  Spoiler Alert * the film is built around the experiences of a mother who’s every moment is invested in her family. Yet one summer, while her husband and children are away, she encounters a photographer and this is the basis of the film. Many years later, after she has passed, her children go through a trunk of hers and find, amongst many things, her journals. She wrote it all down and whilst a shock to her children to read of this side of their mother they never knew existed, her story was important.


As women, our story is important. Even if we never share it publicly, there are aspects to each and every one of us that are really intrinsic to who we are.


This New Year retreat day for women will focus on just that … writing (mindfully) from prompts, on topics that are meaningful to us.


Combined with gentle, restorative yoga and meditation, the day is designed to offer nurturing and release – an easing into the year ahead.


We shall be taking advantage of the beautiful Ballroom at Stamford Arts Centre in Lincolnshire for this event on Saturday 14 January 2017 – why not come for the weekend? The town is exquisite and whatever the time of year, it offers so much to all who visit.


Booking and full details can be found online at:



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